Title: The Legend Of King Arthur

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The Legend of King Arthur

Different versions of Arthurian Legends are known for dragons, monsters, and wizards, but they are also known for showing different, characteristics of King Arthur's personality. Each author has his own way of writing, because the reader can recognize the author attitude, towards the story. All of this contributes to make up the style of an author. In both stories, King Arthur uses different styles to create different Modes, Tones, and Dictions. By understanding the similarities and differences, between the two versions, king Arthur's personality can be described clearly, and to determine the different styles used by authors to write king Arthur stories.

In each story there are similarities between the style, of both stories. They are similar in many ways. They are similar in the Diction. In the story "The Death of the king", the Diction is complex, because they used complexed words such as, assail, summoned, and confessed.

This quote identifies that, "He continued to assail the queen with entreaties and threats, both of which failed, and then the news reached him that king Arthur was returning with his army from France to seek revenge"(Pg.372). This quote clarifies it more, "A Priest was summoned and sir Gawain Confessed ;"(pg.372). In the same way the story "Idylls of the King", has the same diction, and its complex. The complex words are verse, mere, and myrrh. This quote identifies that, "Such times have been not since the light that led The holy Elders with the gift of myrrh" (pg.378). This quote Clarifies it more, "Lony stood Sir Bedivere Revolving many memories, till the hull look'd one black dot against the verse of dawn, and on the mere the wailing died away" (pg.379). But they are also different in many ways of style.

On the other hand,