The title is "Lust and Love in Romeo and Juliet" We had to argue whether Romeo and Juliet's actions were motivated by love or lust or both.

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Imagine a peaceful and sunny street in Italy. A flower shop owner is watering his plants. A couple has just finished their meal when suddenly, two men began to sword-fight. Another man tries to cease the fighting. This gives one fighter the chance to kill the other. The peacemaker turns mad and kills the culprit. This is one of the scenes from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In the play, it can be said that both love and lust influence the two lovers' decisions.

Lust definitely plays a role in the play. It is clear that Romeo is more lustful than Juliet. In the balcony scene, Romeo says that he's very unsatisfied. He means something around the lines of, "I want to be in the bed with you!" Juliet, the sensible one, says that she loves him too, but wants to get married first. Both of them just met and they're already announcing their love.

They just saw each other and decided to fall in love. That decision is based on looks. Another example that reveals their lust is their plan to get into Juliet's bedroom to fulfill their wishes. This time, lust has blinded them from their safety. Many things could've gone wrong. Lord or Lady Capulet could have gone into Juliet's room and discovered the two teenagers. This could get the Nurse fired because she knew about the plan. Romeo could've injured himself if he falls on the ground trying to climb down. This example shows that their lust is so strong that they are willing to risk their future just to get it on.

Besides lust, there is also love between Romeo and Juliet. The last Act best shows it. Both Romeo and Juliet love each other so much that they will commit suicide if the...