Title: The Monster's lack of childhood in Frankenstein led to complete chaos. This is a pretty good and lengthy paper, I got a good grade on it.

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The Monster's lack of childhood in Frankenstein led to complete chaos

It is believed that one's upbringing is the foundation for the type of person they become in life. If this base is erected due to the perceived ideal characteristics of a successful individual, which incorporates love, care, and nourishment, then it is common for that person to mimic these traits they were associated with. In some rare cases, regardless of these surroundings, it is possible for someone to skew out of the average and completely differ from their guardians. This was the case for Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein. He was an extremely self motivated and oriented individual despite his glorified upbringing. Opposed to being raised in the ideal family, the failure to comply with the responsibilities humans have as a creator, can initiate terrible outcomes, such as Victor's creation of the Monster and his immediate abandonment of it.

Both Victor and the Monster lack the sense of human responsibility due to their egocentric personalities and constant thought of themselves, even though Victor is solely responsible for the monster's revengeful feelings, inevitably causing their lives to be undoubtedly miserable, not only for themselves, but for others who are unfortunate enough to interact with them as well.

Growing up, Victor lived an idealistic childhood due to his very loving, devoted, and indulgent parents. His father Baron was a very thoughtful and moral man, highly respected by the public and Victor, and was married to Caroline, a very loyal, cheerful, and empathetic, yet tough, individual. Even with the loss of Beaufort, a friend of Victor's father, their family easily overcame the troubles by opening their household to a young and beautiful Italian girl named Elizabeth as present to Victor. Victor is shown as a rather fortunate child...