Title: Muhammads Life and his Teachings. This paper is a chronological detail of the great Prophet Muhammad. It includes the details of the Islamic faith.

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The third most important religion of the western world is considered to be Islam. It is the youngest of all religions and began in 610 A.D. by a gentleman named Muhammad, after being visited by the Archangel Gabriel. The angle recited verses to Muhammad that changed his life. He then became a prophet and began preaching about ideas that were very different from the beliefs of the people who lived around him. One of the most important ideas was that there was only one God.

Muhammad was born around the time of 570 A.D. At that time the city of Arabia, where he was born, was no longer ruled by the Persians or the Romans, it was governed by strong, independent, wealthy and powerful families. Most of the Arabic people in Muhammads time believed in many Gods. They believed in worshipping trees, shooting stars and stones that were oddly shaped like people.

They, like Muhammad, also believed in "Allah" who was the creator of the universe and the number one God. Muhammad was a part of a ruling family of Mecca, but was very poor and had many devastating events happen to him as a child. Both his mother and father died when he was an infant. He was sent to live with his grandfather.

Muhammads grandfather was a shepherd and taught Muhammad how to fight and to make a poor living raising sheep with his nomadic uncles and aunts. He learned of both the Jewish and Christian faiths in his travels. As Muhammad grew older he began to work for a wealthy woman named Khadija, whose husband had died sometime earlier. After working for her for a time they began to fall in love and eventually were married. After Muhammads marriage to Khadija, his life became much easier...