Title: Parallels Between Chauncey Gardiner and Forest Gump. Chauncey Gardiner from story Being There.

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Of all the people that become rich and famous, no one does it like the two main characters from Being There and Forest Gump. The main characters Chauncey Gardiner from Being There and Forest Gump from Forest Gump are both portrayed as the epitome of the meaning of moron. Chauncey ends up to be the person that he is in the story because of his quick tongue, media influence and worldly innocence. Forest Gump ends up to be the person that he is in the story because of his mother's ideals, strong will and childhood innocence. The traits that describe these men sound good, but both of them are the proverbial idiots. Yet, through some strange and fortuitous events, both men turn into icons of their time. Chauncey and Forest are both the American everybody, since all the things that happened to them could have happened to about anyone.

Forest and Chance make it through their lives by living according to the way that they are taught by their loved ones. In the beginning of Being There, Chance lives in a house for many years without taking one step outside with an old man that let him take care of the garden. Chance never has real parents to teach him about how life on the outside world operates. All he has to teach him are, mainly, the television, a garden and a couple of maids that just made him food. The old man shields Chance from the outside world because of his disabilities. So basically, Chance was brought up by a television, which really serves as his parental figure and a guideline for his life. In Forest Gump, Forest is raised by his mother; she tries to raise her mentally challenged son to the best of her abilities. Forest's...