Title: Pedrito I attempted to converse to the reader two morals.

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Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Pedrito. He never wanted to go outside to play with his friends. He was very afraid of the wind, the sun, and the rain. Everyday his friends would go to his house and ask him to play outside with them. However, Pedrito would say, "No, the sun is too hot. It is so hot that is going to burn my bones." Pedrito's mother used to encourage him to go outside and play with his friends, but he refused every time. Pedrito would tell his mother that he would stay home and watch them through his window.

One rainy afternoon Pedrito's friends wanted to play and jump in the puddles of rain. They invited Pedrito to join them. "Pedrito, come and bring your tug boat." "It is raining, I am going to drown in the rain" Pedrito exclaimed.

Day after day Pedrito would stay home and watch his friends through the window, playing around. Pedrito's mother from time to time would go up to him and ask him to go out. His mother would tell him that he would have fun playing outside with his friends, but he still would reject her advice.

On a Saturday windy day, Pedrito was watching his friends threw his front window. His friends invited him to play, but once again, Pedrito yelled, "No the wind is going to blow me away." They all insisted Pedrito to play with them, and once again, Pedrito refused, and shouted, "I am too small, and skinny. The wind is going to carry me away."

One day after many attempts, his mother convinced Pedrito to go outside and play. Finally, Pedrito went outside and played, he climbed the trees, and he got on the...