Title - Personal Insight Paper for Oragnizational Leadership, how as working adults we react in groups, commitees, and board of directors

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The Keirsey Temperment Sorter II results imply that I am an ESTJ (Supervisor) and the Strengths Finder Profile results suggest that my five top strengths are ideation, maximizer, input, arranger and command. In the following paragraphs I will identify what I do and how I integrate these strengths in relation to my job, which is administrative specialist for the fundraising division of a not for profit organization called Springfield ARC, better known as Sparc.

I will limit descriptions of job related tasks for the sake of brevity. I am responsible for organizing, providing information and taking minutes for three committees throughout the year. These meetings are sometimes combined and sometimes held separately, depending on the time frame of the next fundraiser. I am responsible for all databases, correspondence and communications before and after an event. I am involved in acquiring volunteers, sponsors, advertisers and contributions of various kinds.

I am required to delegate tasks to other staff.

In this aspect, the command kicks in because I succinctly state what has to be done and why. If these requests are not carried out, I tend to become aggressive in accomplishing these goals. I have been told that one of my best attributes is the ability to call it like I see it. I am told that I am consistent in my gut feelings about an idea in a meeting or the ability of a committee member or staff to perform a task. To this end, my ability to perceive people and ideas out of the box provides valuable input to the committees I serve.

Ideation in my current job is unfortunately limited due to my role in these three groups. I am able to connect what occurs during a fundraiser and how best to report this information using their database, but...