Title: "A photographic Essay." Describes the common misconceptions of goth society today and attempts to clear up exactly what the community is all about.

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A Photographic Essay

The terms "goth" and "gothic" have many different meanings to various people of the earth. They are often used to describe an artistic and architectural style that includes Victorian, Edwarian, and medieval designs. They are also used to describe a person who is somewhat barbaric, rude, or a non-conformist. However, in more recent times it has come to define an alternative sub-culture of society. A culture that is vastly misunderstood and under constant scrutiny from the general public. What people do not realize is that the premise of the gothic culture serves as a creative outlet for many of its followers.

Many people stumble upon their gothic tendencies following a tragic or depressing event in their life. Others become goth simply because they are drawn to the dark moods of gothic art, music, and literature. However, in most cases it is a combination of the two. Therefore, a goth can be defined as an individual who is drawn to medieval imagery, sounds, or society.

Also, one who dwells in or confronts sorrow, either by need or choice.

Obviously, this definition does not mention religion in any manner. However, because some religions associate dark with evil, gothic people are often thought to be evil. Much to their dismay, goths are also associated with the Satanist musician Marilyn Manson. While Marilyn Manson did enter the music scene on a "goth" ticket, his music does not accurately represent gothic culture at all. When viewing the photograph of the girl in the white shirt most would assume that because of her gothic nature, she is not religious. But by looking closer, one can see that there is a cross wrapped around her neck. In reality, this gothic teenager is a devout Catholic. Contrary to popular belief, many goths are devout Christians.