Title: Physical and Mental Abuse on Slaves

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Book: Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass

Author: Frederick Douglass

The essay is about the how significant both physical and mental abuse was important for the slave owners described in the Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass.

Frederick Douglass who was born in 1895 might have been the most influential

African-American of his time or possibly ever. He rose up from the hardships he had from

his birth to become a internationally known writer and orator. Douglass was born in

Tuckahoe, Maryland and was thought to be fathered by one of his masters. In Maryland

he had a rather easy life for a slave, he was an inside slave who cleaned and helped

watched one of the masters children. This benefited him greatly both then and in the

future because Thomas, the boy he attended too, helped Frederick read and write. From

Tuckahoe, Frederick was moved to Baltimore then to Colonel Lloyd's Plantation.


from there he moved to St. Michael. Then to Mr. Covey a slave breaker. This was a

major turning point in Frederick Douglasses life because for the first time in his life he

stood up to a white master in control of him and won the situation. This greatly increased

Frederick's confidence in himself and he want and desire to runaway and become a freed

slave. As I read in the story he acomplished this task and he makes a life for himself that

every other slave could only dream of. Frederick Douglass was a rare case of slave, in the

way that he was not poisoned by the ways masters had control of slaves. In this way there

is two types of ways masters dominated slaves. Physically and Mentally, both maybe

equally as powerful and influential on the idea of dominance a...