Title Political Advertising Author Julz Matheney This essay deals with political campaign ads in the 1980's as well as current ads and projected future media ads.

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Political Advertising

The politician uses both print and television as a tool to exert influence over potential voters. Both forms of media influence what people think about issues and candidates running for an elected office. When compared to the advertisements of the 1980's, modern campaign efforts are both similar and different in content as well as the intended purpose. The future of political advertising is also anticipated to vary in nature and content as well as projections in what it should look like.

The authors of our text credit media for influence over Americans by telling us what is important through the content of news stories. Beginning with print media in the 1690's the battle of political issues were originated in Early America. Newspapers of this era may have chosen to support a particular political party, platform, issue, or official but did so as an independent voce of private citizens or organization.

Focus shifted gradually from opinion to corporate profit emphasis impacted by technological advances.

Media today exists in many forms in both print and electronic form. Much of the focus is placed on our everyday government operations and our politicians. The Watergate scandal had an enormous impact on the kind of material media would now include. The private life of an elected official could now be open to the public for scrutiny.

In the earlier days of media a journalist would never dare investigating and the personal characteristics of an elected official in fear of libel. In 1964 the Supreme Court set these fears at ease by ruling that publishing a defamatory false statement is not enough to justify a judgment of libel.

The media has a significant impact on the public their opinions. The electronic components of the media are regulated by the United States Government. Fortunately for...