The title is The President. This is a book report on the boook called The President, by Miguel Angel Asturias

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The novel The President, by Miguel Angel Asturias is a

fictional story that depicts everyday Guatemalan life. He is

able to use the fear that the village people have towards the

dictator and use it to create a story that is filled with

literary drama. The peoples of Guatemala are oppressed by a

tyrant ruler. Asturias is able to bring out unique characters

and interesting dream sequences while conveying the integrity

and honor of human experiences.

This novel is very interesting because of the false

world that was being represented by Asturias. There is a

lot of suspense and drama in the book and Asturias does a

good job with the dialogue of the characters. Asturias is

also able to capture the corruptness of the government and

how the politicians in the story deceive the people.

Through out the novel we are able to see the different

ways the government is crooked.

From the dictator, the

politicians, the military down to some of the common people.

Asturias description of the whore house gives us a good idea of

the way people, (especially women) had to earn their way of


Through out the book there are different reoccurring

stories that come up in the story but the main theme is the

peoples fear of the dictator and the government. Asturias

states, "Whether you're guilty or innocent is irrelevant,

General; what matters is whether you're in favor or not with

the President; it's worse to be an innocent man frowned on by

the government then a guilty one!" This form of regime is

present in today's society. There are many countries that have

dictators. The people are frightened scared of their rulers

and are afraid to go against them for fear of cruel punishment.

Asturias had to write a non-fictional...