Title: Prowess of Blazejowski. It elaborates a woman's achievement and success in the field of basketball. It also points out that stereotypes in women.

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Carol Blazejowski, who always made it a point to show up at the local basketball court with her own ball and spent her time playing with boys on pickup courts, was born on September 20, 1956 in New Jersey. She studied at Cranford High School with no girl's basketball team. Since she was born to play basketball, she didn't hesitate to tell the school's athletic director, who was also the boy's basketball team coach that she would play in boy's team if no girl's basketball team were created. It took the school not very long to create one. Although she didn't begin any serious competition until her senior year, she became one of the top scorers in the history of women's basketball.

When she graduated high school, Blazejowski could only afford the nearby Montclair State without any offer of the few college scholarships available in 1975.

But the day came for her to shine on March 6, 1977 when she scored a record of 52 points against Queens College, witnessed by a crowd of 12,000 at Madison Square Garden in New York. This was her first step to her dream as she also earned the nickname "Blaze" for her ability to light up the scoreboard. In was a big success for her because since then, no college player has ever scored more than her score at the Garden. Furthermore, in 1978 the three-time All-American forward was first to receive the Wade Trophy, which is the college basketball's highest individual award, for being the top player of the year. She scored at total of 3,199 points while at Montclair State and leave the highest point average per game of 31.7.

In 1980, Blazejowski became also the highest paid player in Women's Basketball League when she signed a...