Title : Telecom Power System in China Market

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Question : Select a product and critically evaluate the marketing strategy that you perceive and recommend any improvement or highlight the strong points.

(1) Background

--- Company

My company is an European multinational company, European capital and multinational channels, who are manufacturing telecom equipments. The company founded at year 1862 starting at France. Hong Kong office is a subsidiary founded at year 1988, which responsible and have total control for sales and marketing in China and Hong Kong. There is no manufacturing site in China and Hong Kong. Products come from over 30 factories all over the world, but key production lines are located in UK, France, Germany and Singapore. Hong Kong office can't affect the productions.


My company produces many kinds of telecom products. In this article, I would like to focus on the Switch Mode Rectifier (SMR) only. SMR is high frequency power converter, converting AC power supplied from power plants to 48V DC system.

Nearly all the telecom applications are using 48V DC power, such as switching system, mobile system, transmission system, access system and so on. SMR has great demand in the telecom market.

The reason to pick up this product is due the product face China competitors, which leads to many limitations to sell the product in China. Other telecom products are usually high technology, which China is still not able to produce yet.

The technology of SMR produced by my company is much advance than competitors. For example, the system is conventional cooling. It means no fan required. Energy density is 50% higher than competitors. It leads to have much smaller size and weight. System can work and manage at heterogeneous communication bases. Heterogeneous communication means a server running under Windows NT configured as the master as well as various slave servers...