Title: Why are teens judged unfairly?

Essay by svolleyball14Junior High, 9th grade February 2003

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First, imagine yourself floating back into time. As a teenager. The parents in the household barge into your room on any given day or night. How do you feel? Angry. You feel as though your privacy has been evanded. That is what a teenager is going through every day,at their house,and at school.

The most important fact, is that teenagers know that they are not as smart as adults. They know that,but they also know that in their own manner they are smart. Adults have to respect teenagers for who they are,and treat them with some kind of fairness.

The second most important fact,is that teenagers are dumb. They get into trouble,and do drugs,as well as smoke alcohol. That,my friends,is a total myth. Most teenagers do not smoke. 98% of teenagers do not drink,and 76% do not participate in drug related activity. So,it is clear that the elder generation unfairly judges teens.

In conclusion,teens are judged unfairly. It is up to adults,kids, and elders to change that. If they can do that,then all of the generations can live in peace and harmony without being judged by sterotype.