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English 1102

12 September 2011

The Barn Burning

In William Falkner's story "The Barn Burning" the main character colonel Sartoris Snopes was the son of Abner Snopes. In the story they are accused of burning down peoples barns. The setting takes place in the court room which is in the general store. Mr. Harris is accusing Abner of burning down his barn and he wants to make charges on the family for burning down his barn. In the time of the court the family is asked to move out of town and stay away till the next court appearance. In this case there has to be a change and they have to make a change and stand up for themselves and stand up to their overpowering dad.

Abner is the kind of person that is cold and violent. Mr. Snopes has a harsh and emotionless voice that the kids are afraid of.

Abner has is an independent and gets angry easily; he has in his mind that his rights to unleash revenge on anyone who he believes have done him wrong. The dad is over powering and controlling. Sarty is afraid of his dad and what he will do if he does not do what he tells him.

The reason that makes Mr. Harris think that Abner burned his barn is the numerous times that Snopes hog has broken through the fence and went in to Mr. Harris's cornfield and that last time he demanded a dollar for the animal in return. The black man who was sent to fetch the hog gave Harris an ominous warning that wood and hay are combustible. Later that night Mr. Harris's barn caught fire. The judge says that; that is not proof enough to charge the Snopes so Mr. Harris calls...