Titration-finding the concentration of a solution of sulphuric acid

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Finding out the accurate concentrain of sulphuric acid


The point of this investigation is to find out the concentration of the sulphuric acid in my experiment. I will do this by titrating the sulphuric acid with sodium carbonate.

H2SO4 + Na2CO3 Ã Na2SO4 + H2O + CO2

Acid + Alkali à Salt + Water + Carbon dioxide

Ratio of sulphuric acid to sodium carbonate:

H2SO4 : Na2CO3

1 : 1

Concentration of sulphuric acid:

H2SO4 is approximately 0.05 - 0.15 moldm-3

The average concentration of the sulphuric acid is:

0.05 + 0.15 = 0.1 moldm-3


Concentration (moldm-3) = concentration (g dm-3)

Molar mass (g mol-1)

Mr of Na2CO3 = (23 x 2) + ( 16 x 3)

= 106 g mol-1

250cm3 x 0.1moldm-3 x 106 gmol-1 = 2.650g


I will use 2.650g of Na2CO3 in 250cm3 of distilled water.


· Weighing bottle

· Clamp stand

· Glass rod

· 250cm3 volumetric flask

· Small conical flask

· 50cm3 burette

· 100cm3 beaker

· 25cm3 pipette

· Pipette filler

· Plastic pipette

· Small filter funnel

· Balance

· Distilled water

· Sulphuric acid

· 2.650g

of sodium carbonate

· Spatula

· White tile

· Methyl orange indicator


· I will make a solution where the solute will be the sodium carbonate and the solvent will be distilled water.

· I will first measure the weighing bottle on its own without the lid on.

· I will then make the weight of the bottle equal to 0.00g on the balance.

· I will add 2.650g of sodium carbonate using a spatula.

· I will then pour the sodium carbonate into a beaker, which has been washed out with distilled water to remove unwanted compounds.

· I will weigh the mass of the weighing bottle without...