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Tituba Character list John Proctor: John is farmer in Salem. He is the first person to expose the girls as frauds and that they are only pretending that there is witchcraft. He is what you would call the tragic hero of the story.

Reverend Samuel Parris: The reverend is a weak and suspicious man who started the whole witchcraft panic when he found his daughter and niece dancing in the woods with some girls. This guy is crazy. He thinks everyone is conspiring against him. He knows the truth that Abigail is lying but he keeps his mouth shut.

Tituba: Tituba is Parris' slave from Barbados, Tituba was with the girls when they danced and attempted to conjure the spirits of Ann Putnam's dead children. She is the first person accused of witchcraft and is the first person to accuse others of witchery when she finds that the easiest way to spare her self is to admit to the charges no matter their truth.

Sarah Good: Is one of the first women charged with witchery by the girls. She is a homeless woman who confesses to witchcraft to save herself and continues the charade with Tituba, comically claiming that Satan will take her and Tituba to Barbados.

Judge Hathorne: Hathorne is the judge who presides over the Salem witch trails. He is highly against witchcraft.

Settings The main setting of the play is in Salem, Massachusetts in the spring of 1692. The story takes place in a little puritain village.

The second act takes place in the Proctor's home. John Proctor returns home late after a long day planting in the fields, and Elizabeth suspects that he has been in the village. Mary Warren has been there as an official of the court for the witchcraft trials, even...