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TiVo is best suited for everyone who considers television viewing a source of entertainment. This included people who have special television programs that they may be missing because they are unavailable to watch at the time these programs are aired by the television networks and families whose members have different viewing preferences. For these families, TiVo helps reduce conflicts relating to what program is watched at a particular time and for other people it liberates their daily lives because they are no longer under pressure to watch their favorite programs at the time when the networks air them, they can now watch these shows at their own time.

Does TiVo have the potential to become a key player in TV broadcasting?

TiVo should serve as a system that would complement television networks business rather than compete against or jeopardize it. Television networks want TiVo to serve as a system on which they can leverage to conduct more targeted advertising and be able to market advertising slots more effectively, they also want TiVo to be an avenue through which they can monitor viewership of their programs and therefore put more strategic plans in place to increase market share and gain competitive advantage.

TiVo offers advertisers a useful device with which they can conduct more personalized and targeted advertising. TiVo's technology can monitor consumer preference trend analysis pertaining to different types of adverts in order for advertisers to know which adverts to continues and which to discontinue.

TiVo complements the cable/satellite companies' services and assist them to gain greater market share because they can combine their variety of channels with the independence that TiVo offers to come up with a product that is even more appealing to consumers.

How would you market TiVo?

Commercials would be more effective...