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Thankful For As a citizen of the beautiful city of Who, I want to thank and compliment the Mayor for his wonderful job of making the city a nice place to live in. I what to thank the Mayor of Who for making the city clean and green for the people of Who and for giving food to people who are starving. I like to give him compliment for making the city crime free. The Mayor of Who had done a great job for making the City a better place to live in.

I remember when I use to walk in sidewalk and I see garbage that's not been pickup for a month and I saw bum just sleeping in the street with garbage in their side. But now they pickup garbage every week now and thanks to the Mayor the bum in street can have a clean street to sleep in.

I am impressed on your clean and green project, the project is very successful. I look around and I see green trees and plants every were which make our city beautiful.

I thank the Mayor for giving food to those worthless bums in the street some food to eat. I think it's not necessary to give them food because it's their fault their starving. Thanks to the Mayor those bums are not eating in my garbage can anymore, so I don't have to pick up the garbage on the ground every day.

Ever since the new Mayor has been elected the crime rate of the city went down 60%. I use to walk home from school and I am always afraid that some body will rob me because I see this gangster people just hanging out on the street corner. I use to don't go out every night because I know our city is full of ghetto people. Thanks to the new Mayor the city in crime free because of his anti-crime program.

I am Thanking the Mayor for his job well done for making the city a better place to live in. The city is clean, He gave food to those people who are starving and he made the city crime free too. I and the entire people of Who are thankful for what you have done for the City of Who.