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In 2007 people who were indulged in the smoking out of which 18 percent were female and 21 percent were male and on the daily basis they smoke, in adult groups male smoking rates are very high, people of age around 25 to 30 years smoke on the daily basis and weekly basis on the average of 28 percent. People of the age 60 years are almost at the average of 12 percent, between 1980 to 2007 smoking rates in Australia were at the average of 40% at the age of teenager which is 18. If we talk about Victoria smoking rate of men are 20 percent and for the women it is 15 percent. The smokers who are former smoke 34 percent which are men and similarly women's average rate of smoking are 27 percent. At the age 12 to 15 years 8 percent of the persons were in the habit of smokers.


At just the age of sympathy, love and care Ardi Rizal's health is so spoiled and ruined physically by having a habit of smoking 40 cigarettes per day that a normal child Ardi Rizal is moving himself after applying inner force because he has destroyed his health so much that he needs some helping device to move and his condition is now disintegrating day by day.

In the contempt officially officers has offered to give a brand new car if the parents of Ardi Rizal have tried to stop them from smoking but unfortunately according to the telling of their parents that Ardi Rizals always make a bad temper and mess all the things if he is urged to stop smoking Cigarettes and Ardi Rizals always wants to get into the cigarette.

Mother of Ardi Rizal name Diana of age 26 always get worried...