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To say that tobacco advertising stirs tobacco sales might give the impression of a straightforward and modest declaration. In realism, tobacco power campaigners frequently meet grave resistance in shielding this information. Attaining the limit or prohibition of tobacco publicity is one of the fiercest fights to countenance. Tobacco lobbyists more often than not declare that advertising does not add to the general amount of tobacco sold. To a certain extent, the tobacco industry upholds that advertising only improves the market share of a meticulous brand, Devoid of employing new smokers (Bernhard, 1997).

Advertising tobacco in lieu of government regulations

Every major piece of federal legislation approved from the time when the first Surgeon General's account that protects health and safety, has particularly disqualified the cigarette Consumer Products Safety Act, Controlled Substances Act, Federal Hazardous Substances Act. Why? For the reason that the tobacco industry has bought off Congress. To a certain extent than doing something about the problem since 1964, Congress has twisted their back on the problem.

And the cause is, the tobacco industry has money, and it's got a lot of money.

Hundreds of cities and towns have approved laws limiting cigarette smoking. In more and more places, smokers have become outcasts, banished out-of-doors to indulge in what many, at the present, deem a dirty and treacherous habit. And the enormous cigarette tax to fund the health care program without doubt means lesser smokers and fewer profits.

In recent years California has been the front line of the tobacco wars and the state where the industry has suffered its worst setbacks. In 1988, in a failed effort to defeat a major anti-smoking initiative, the cigarette companies spent more than $20 million. From the time when then health activists have passed hundreds of local smoking bans. As a result,