"Tobacco and Tolerance: Blowing smoke".

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Not only labour made man differ from a monkey, but also care and attention to his fellow creatures. This is the main point of human relations and the basis of human being. Animals are first of all competitors with each other, and they do not have an instinct to help their neighbours and to think about their safety. The only exception is their own cubs.

Similarly, as a father and mother take care of a small child who does not yet have his own opinion on what is good and what is bad, who do not even know, that many seemingly innocent things harm his health greatly and cause strong addiction. Even when a child realises that, it is very hard for him to make the right decision. And if we consider such thing as smoking, the only right decision is not to start it. One may argue that whether to smoke or not is the private decision of every person and no one might impose his point of view to someone.

I agree with this statement, but not always this principle provides us with a solution to the problem of social wellbeing. People make a lot of decisions connected with great risks like motorcycle riding, parachute jumping, smoking, taking drugs and so on. Some of these things have unalterable consequences, which make people regret they have made these decisions during the rest of their lives. The only thing they should ask themselves is whether this thing is worth risking. The fewer would be the number of activities that greatly harm human health, and above all, of these, which are not worth risking like smoking, the better it would be for the health of all humanity. The exceptions are such things as scuba diving or mountain climbing and other, because...