The Tobacco Industries manipulation of the Human Mind

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Present-day Society has been swayed and influenced by the media outlet and its portrayal of the "Happy Life" by promoting its raunchy advertisements in our magazines, newspapers, and Television. We have inevitably fallen to these masterminds by going out and spending money on their products and services just to make ourselves seem happy. This formula they have been using is just another brilliant form of Cultural engineering that has made people in high-power millions of our hard-earned money.

The following picture was produced by the Camel Cigarette Company in their efforts to sway the American public into buying their product. The picture is of a vivacious blonde in a skimpy white dress smoking a Camel cigarette and talking on the phone. What the advertisement fails to show is the horrible effects of smoking cigarettes like lung cancer and the millions of lives it has affected and taken during the past decades.

Advertisements like these have polluted our minds into thinking that cigarettes are cool and unharmful when in reality they aren't.

So what stops one from buying cigarettes when the media portrays the act as "cool" and "hip"? The answer is awareness and willpower to just say "NO". Advertising for Tobacco alone reaches the million dollar range annually and people are pressured daily by their peers to try the cancer-causing agent. It is from catchy-advertisement like the one above me that has us coughing over money for things that can eventually kill us. This is part of cultural engineering and its heavy influences in our heads to smoke cigarettes to look "cool."The Tobacco industry has claimed thousands of innocent people but they are still allowed to sell their product because of the money the government receives and the warning label seen on the product. However, 20.8% of Adults still smoke...