Are today's kids killing the english language?

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The English language is a subject that has arisen as controversial over the last few decades. Many believe it is being slaughtered by the youth in our country while others believe that it is merely evolving to the ever changing world that we live in. Only one thing can be for sure though; it is defiantly something that is worth taking a deeper look at to get some true facts and opinions.

In today's society the English language is viewed as an ever changing piece of communication that was once only a simple combination of words. Although English is still our main language in the United States, many feel it has been downgraded in its importance due to the amount of slang and other common slanders its users today have stemmed from it. Today's population of adolescents are majorly being blamed for this factor.

Many educators and purists feel that the adolescents are changing the language for the worst with slang words that have no real meaning and sound grotesque.

They believe it makes English ugly and not as it once was. Some wonder why this has happened. The answer isn't nearly as simple as yes or no. Today's children have grown up in a society that is much more complicated and full of more information than one child can even begin to handle. They have access to television, the internet, video games, the news, speeches; the list goes on and on with possibilities. With all this exposure to technology comes exposure to different cultures and different ways of life. In the 1950's and before when clearly the perfect English answer to a question was "yes sir" or "no sir", people didn't have the everyday access to different cultures and communities outside of their own. They were not aware...