Today's Youth: Should the government of Canada coordinate the organization of youth groups that would encourage patriotism, good social skills, and good work habits?

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The government should not coordinate the organization of youth groups to encourage patriotism, good social skills, and strong work habits. The government has enough to do regulating the economy, education, health care, law enforcement, international relations and many social services. While government officials, especially leaders, could model good ethics, teaching morality to the youth of the country is not their job. There are many people and services already in place that do this in Canadian societies. There are many community clubs for youngsters where good behavior is taught and modeled. Sporting activities teach the value of hard work and sportsmanship. Families with religious affiliations learn morality both from the minister/priest, and from interacting with others of their faith. Students learn about patriotism in school, they learn that hard work results in good grades, and they learn acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors in their interactions with others. Of course, the most important teachers of these concepts are parents.

Yes, the traditional family unit is breaking down and many kids are learning their values from television and video games, but the government is in no position to step into a parental role. The best the government can do is to supply funding to above-mentioned groups that have proven successful, and to model the same behavior that they wish the youth to emulate. Ironically, the Federal Liberals, who have been running the country for many years, are sending the wrong messages to today's youth in the wake of the sponsorship scandals.

Government officials may demonstrate good ethics and various beneficial leadership qualities, but the government should not be seen as the moral watchdog for today's society. In today's modern world there are many institutions or community clubs for kids to partake in that teach good behavior, good morals, manners, social skills etc. A...