Todays And Yesterdays Laws On Drinking

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Todays and Yesterdays Laws on Drinking By john doe English Composition I Professor Louis M. Rosenberg Massasoit Community College April 14, 2002 Laws on alcohol have come along way. Back when the legal age for drinking was eighteen, teenagers were still too irresponsible to handle this privilege. I feel the ways the laws on alcohol are now are much more appropriate for society today. Since prohibition was repealed by the twenty-first amendment in nineteen-thirty three, the drinking age laws were set by the state; and many states allowed the purchase of alcohol at eighteen years old, which I believe is too young. Other people also believed there were many reasons that this age was appropriate, due to the amount of accidents caused by this age group. Later the law was changed to a National law that you must be twenty-one years of age to purchase alcohol. After the law was changed many I would agree that it was extremely effective, the statistics showed a dramatic drop in automobile accidents among teenage drivers.

This lead Americans to believe it was a good law and should be kept in effect. Although this law made a large change in our society, under age drinking is still a major problem in this country and many new laws are still being made today to try and solve this dilemma of under age drinking.

After Prohibition was repealed and people were given back the right to purchase alcohol, there were many debates to what age a person should be allowed to purchase or consume alcohol. During the seventies nearly all of the states lowered their legal drinking age to eighteen from where it used to be at twenty-one. One argument in an essay written by Alex Koroknay, that made a very strong point to support the...