Together Till the End!!

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Break of sea 'pon shore be sickly roar of voices 'stead

'A heart 'o, mine glisten of thy light 'O hours trapped in glass

If not, tarry as a flank of hollow, till smile doth thou bred

Liven hence it doth like 'a storm awoken anew, fiery and tempest

To rhyme o' h'art song with pulse 'ov rhythmic thump 'nd whacks

Catch of breath be thence lost while left with rush of fiery blood

About 'a heart as a tenderness touch, vouching for not any lost

But 'a gain o'a beauty to value an' one that slight me failing at thou gaze

Piercing to 'a core that spoke of thou splendor and lovely ways

Maketh thus a shadow a light afire at present of thee in gay clad

Golden turns 'a hearts meadows as autumn hath tarried at field

Still stirred not 'a wind whence to leave 'a leaves to winter

Thus be not it thee liking to this poorly mind 'O mine of trouble vast

Meet so shall this leaf 'a winter hasty clasping fingers be that frosty

Yet stayed thee with warmth driving thither 'a chill hands

Sighs sent high whence reach could I not it as naught haply hath stayed

Thank thus giveth to thou as this tramp tends to thee mem's smiles in I

Enough fill given shall not words be for thou offerings for me

Yet tried have I to tender thee with words minced with vibes 'o mine

Love thee, said have I, meant it as 'a truth that 'a sun shall rise

An' as water of 'a river cometh to plains from 'a tears of clouds shed

Pure 'o all likes 'o which seen not in this turn of days

As 'a whisperer of our love strung in melody as in lute...