TOK ESSAY: Discuss the importance of reason and emotion in distinguishing between belief and knowledge.

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As a Hong Kong Student, who is holding a British national (overseas) passport, now living in China, and receiving an international education, I have been been absorbing different perspectives of belief and knowledge. As an example, I can see a "truth" here in China is different from the one which is stated by the Japanese. And due to the multi-culture environment and the various aspects gained by an IB student, I notice how emotions and reasons affect our beliefs and knowledge in different ways.

Most of the subjects I take at school are provided by a knowledge base; students are taught with different facts, without any emotions involve. Such as the moods won't change the shape of a fold mountain, or my passion won't make any change in the pattern of a meander However students with certain belief may affect the thinking ways of knowledge that the teachers gave.

Says, being a Christian, I would link the geographic events with the bible, in the "Noah's Ark" incident, the holy book claims that was a sudden heavy rain for forty days successively and the whole planet was flooded, afterwards, wind came and blew away the aqua, land was dried again. In geographic aspect, I learnt that the fluvial cycle on Earth is a closed system, which means there has no input and output, and thus the amount of water in the planet will always stay the same. So, it is impossible to have extra fluid and flooded every regions on Earth at the same time, besides, it is unreasonable to have wind to blow away the water to nowhere. I don't feel good to challenge my favourite subject and even feel guilty to doubt with my religion, nonetheless, thanks for the IB program, I become criticized to what I...