TOK: Imagine a World with an extra sense.

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'Marcus started as he came out of a verlore. He had seen a basketball careening towards him. He felt the pain as the ball crushed into his face. He could hear the jeers and smell the venom in the air. And then he came out of his verlore. He dodged the ball easily and smiled, as he knew exactly where it was coming from. But he still tasted the venom.'It was the year 2060, Planet Earth. It had started happening to him 6 months ago. The earliest recorded case was in 2036 in Germany. It was called verlore, or more commonly the sixth-sense. The people experiencing this phenomenon were called the verloren or "the lost" in German. It was a foreshadowing of the future, with an ability to change it. It was a riddle for scientists, a barrier for philosophers. Where would they tie in empiricism or rationalism? Was this sense a result of a priori or a posteriori? Was this experience actually happening or was it all in the persons head? For the scientists they just had to get their hand on what they thought was the cause for this, a gene which had mutated.

It was proven that the rate of verlores increased by the time period they had been experiencing it. Scientists and Philosophers alike asked the question that would the verloren be verlore ridden i.e. not come out of their verlore? What happened when a verloren saw his or her death? None of this affected him besides maybe the last two, but what did affect him was that the verloren were constantly being used by the police, by scientists, as guinea pigs. What did affect him were the anti-verloren sentiments in the air.

Marcus was 22, freshly graduated from the U.N. College of Science with...