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Topic: The capital Punishment

-Define capital punishment: the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime -- Oxford dictionary

RLS 1: 2007

Kalu Singh Kashi Nath had kidnapped a 14-year-old girl from near a village pond near Delhi, raped her and later stoned her to death.

Later in the month, the court in Delhi awarded death sentence to Kalu Singh under Section 302 (murder) of IPC.

The victim's brother, said "it is a day of contentment for me as the souls of both my sister and mother would now be able to rest in peace."

RLS 2: Singapore, Drug

Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi, 21, of Nigeria, was arrested on November 2004 for attempting to smuggle 727 grams of heroin, he got hanged at January 2007.

Any adult (aged 18 or above) convicted of trafficking (or possession for the purpose of trafficking) at least 15 grams of heroin, 30 grams of cocaine or 500 grams of cannabis, faces mandatory execution.



Capital punishment does dissuade offenders from committing crime to certain extent.

Reason plays an important role in justification of capital punishment.

CC: Every human has the right to one's life; everyone should be innocent until proven guilty.

Other factors such as emotions should be taken into account.


To what extent is the use of capital punishment justifiable though reason and emotion?

Wok: Reason [Rules]


1.Hammurabi's code "an eye for eye, tooth for a tooth, a life for a life". This states that real justice requires people to suffer for their wrongdoing, and to suffer in a way appropriate for the crime.

2.Immanuel Kant's approach: Retribution

All guilty people deserve to be punished

Only guilty people deserve to be punished

Guilty people deserve to be punished in...