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Reflection Rubric - Emotion

Reflection is a key component of understanding TOK concepts. Questions will guide the student in Reflection Assignments. Reflection Assignments will be graded on the criteria outlined in the Reflection Rubric.

To be effective and constructive, reflective writing needs to go beyond description of events and your own associated feelings. You need to:

Step back, explore and analyze the questions

Consider the different perspectives of other people involved

Show awareness of social, organizational, and/or political influences

Show what you have learned in the process.

Because reflective writing involves personal analysis of experience and feelings, it is acceptable to use the "first person," i.e. to describe what "I did" and how "I felt." The style however, should not be too informal and the tone not too conversational.

Reflection Rubric







5 points

Thoughtfully expresses opinions & ideas in clear & concise manner with obvious connection to topic.

4-3 points

Opinions and ideas are stated clearly; occasional lack of connection to topic.


Does not express opinions or ideas clearly; minimal or no connection to topic.

0 points

Level 1 not achieved


5 points

Questions are addressed in direct and clear manner & there is reference to articles, texts, or other evidence supporting your claim.

4-3 points

Questions are addressed in good manner, but there is no evidence supporting claims.

2-1 points

Questions are not effectively addressed and there is no evidence supporting claims.

0 points

Level 1 not achieved

Holistic Composure

5 points

Completes on time;

Acknowledges diverging points of view. Within word limit. 500-700 words

4-3 points

Completes on time;

Briefly mentions other points of view.

Within word limit.

500 - 700 words


Not completed by due date;

Does not observe points of view other than your own. Not within word limit.