Was told to write a declaration for a controversial group or organization. I wrote about gay and lesbians' rights to marry in the United States. Pronouncement to Gay and Lesbian Rights

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Gay and lesbian rights are not only an issue today, but with its on growing controversy. Something must be done to protect the individuals who have certain beliefs that might be dissimilar towards others. These views on life do not make gays and lesbians bad people. They should be treated like others, when if were to be married should have equal rights comparable to the opposite sex marriages. United States is a place where everyone is to be treated equally; however, gays and lesbians seem to be getting pushed aside in the matter. Same-sex parents if are qualified for a child should be under full parental care, and rules such as opposite sex's children. The granting of equal relationship rights is one of the burning social issues of our time, with change taking place through legislation and court decisions across the country. Society has increasingly recognized that the government should support, not discourage, couples that want to share fully the rights, responsibilities and commitments of domestic partnership.

Technically if we are all free as Americans there should be no difference in same-sex marriages, and that of costumed marriages between a man and woman.

The family is the basic unit in society having as its nucleus two or more adults living together and cooperating in the care of their own or adopted children. Same-sex marriages are a freedom and the United States supposedly symbolizes freedom. However, legislation in the United States denies the rights of homosexual marriages. This type of action is contradictory to what the United States stands for. Some people of the United States are deciding what others can and can't do in marriage, and still believe that this is a justifying approach to a free country.

As Americans, are opposing same-sex marriages stopping perfect parents from being parents?...