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Not A Man Yet "Daddy, daddy," called his thirteen year old son. "I've did it again, I'm cursed by the toilet gods," the son shouted aloud. Papa walked slowly to the outhouse where his son Jose, sat crying cause he did not make to the toilet on time. Papa just looked at him then turned to the wicked gods of the west and prayed to remove this curse from his only son.

Jose, who was now a teenager, believed the toilet gods put a curse on him when he was a newborn. His dad who remembered what the toilet prophet explained to him joined Jose, with a face of no hope, and now Papa would pass it on to his son, Jose. Papa explained to his son, "you are not defeated when you try and fail; you are defeated when you say, I give up." Jose knew he could not let the toilet gods win and uphold the beliefs of the old porcelain prophet. Many in the eastern hemisphere did not believe in the god of the toilet "Kenmore" and his lover, god of the toilet seat, "Toilet Seat." When Jose was little, his parents (his mother has long departed because of the humiliation) did not sacrifice sufficient amounts of lamb hanes wear to the gods: in return they cast the spell woo-doo woo-doo on there child.

Papa had always followed and trusted the porcelain prophet through his life too.

He dedicated himself to fight off all the spells the gods and goddesses have placed upon his son. For many days after Papa and his son preformed many rituals the prophet had taught him. Cleansing Jose system every morning and night before he went to bed was preformed to drain the demons in his body. He read books and...