Tom and Willie(From Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian)'s diary entries.

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In Toms point of view.

Dear Rachel,

It's been over six months since Willie first came to live with me. I can't believe that he was the same thin and sickly-looking boy that I was obliged to take in for the war effort. Yes, he was a very sickly child and couldn't take the slightest bit of nutritious food. But the truth is, I quite enjoy having someone else around other then Sammy and watching him change into a boy that is full of self-confidence, healthy and most importantly, happy. It's been great seeing him mix with the other children here and of course Zach too. The first day he came back from school, knowing that he was upset because he wasn't in the same class as his friends, teaching him to write his name and telling him stories from the bible are some of the great memories I share with him.

Just recently, I realised that is not just Willie that has been changing because I think I have too. When I found out that Willie liked to paint, I had gone into the crafts store to get him some paints and paper for his birthday present, it was the crafts store I had avoided for over 40 years because the memories of you are just too strong. That just shows how much Willie means to me. After all this, a letter came, it was from his mother saying that she's been ill and she wants him back for a while. I really don't understand, the boys mother hasn't written for 6 months, not mentioning that she didn't send anything for her own son's birthday. I'm really worried now, I know I can't hesitate now, after all the kid has his own mother and I have to follow...