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Tom Sawyer : The Character Tom has been quite a character throughout the whole book. He's the on the edge of your seat type of boy. He went from being an immature, troublesome kid into a not so bad young man. He showed more signs of becoming a better individual at the end of the book, than he did in the beginning. He has been my favorite character in this novel, because of the person he is.

Tom was a very troublesome and untrustworthy child. He was very tricky. At one time, he tricked another boy into whitewashing a fence, which was Toms punishment for being irresponsible. Tom would also play hooky from time to time. He was more or less considered the "class clown". He once stole jam from his own aunt, which was an example of how he had no regards to the feelings of others.

His attitude showed some improvement throughout the book.

In the beginning, he would try so hard to impress others to make himself look good. He was also incredibly self-centered at first, but then he showed a little bit more consideration for others. He wasn't so rude, and he didn't have such a hard-shell. He proved this when he could constantly confess his love for Becky.

Tom grew to be a more caring and mature young man. He wasn't a thief like in the beginning. He showed more affection, and wasn't so concerned about his hard-shell reputation. He kissed his aunts forehead at the end, instead of treating her as bad as he had in the past. He was more independent, as opposed to his previous carefree lifetime. I think that this happened, because he was on his own for a little while, and he has seen different views of how life can be.

Tom sawyer was more or less your typical young man. He had his mischievous, lying ways just like any young boy. He made some changes throughout the course of this book , and I think these changes were for the better. He wasn't as "young", and he showed more maturity. However, despite the change, I think Tom will always be a young boy at heart.