The tomb of Tutankhamun and the daily life in ancient Egypt

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In the tomb of Tutankhamun there are a lot of artefacts, everything from gold rings to pottery. But to understand how the daily life was in Egypt there is just a small group of objects in the tomb to analyse. Because the tomb is a royal there are many differences from what the normal population in Egypt would have in there possession. In the tomb of Tutankhamun you will find everything you could possibly need for the life after this. There are boxes with food, dried fruit so that you will not be hungry; wine so you will not be thirsty; linen and sandals so you will not be naked and weapons so you can defend yourself in danger. Things like this everyone used in Egypt, but the big difference is the quality of the object. Not everyone in Egypt could afford to have inlays of silver in the arrows or have that large amount of food or drink wine, which is the difference between the royals and the common people in Egypt.

If you were in the royal family you would have had everything that you could possibly need and so much more. If you were just a farmer you would have had enough to make it but not more than that.

In the tomb of Tutankhamun Carter found a lot of pottery, large jars and pots, small vessels and bowls and amphorae. All this pottery is very useful for the understanding of the daily life. The object shows that the usage of pottery was very common in Egypt. It also shows that they knew how to make pottery and how to make it useful. In the tomb this pottery was used to store everything from oils to different kinds of food. So in the daily life in Egypt...