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Tommie de Paola was a very intelligent person with all the book reading and experiences in life. At first he was an artist. Tommie was very interested in art and theater. One time when his family just built a new house Tommie and his artistic mind went over to one of the blank walls and drew a family portrait with chalk. Another interest he really had was in dancing. He was an excellent dancer and tap dancer. He was encouraged to dance by his sister and all of her ballet performances. But his first most important job was writing which he was encouraged to do by his parents and grandparents who read to me him most of the time. He also loved to read stories and as he grew older he even told stories to other children, just as his grandparents did for him.

Tomie DePaola and his many careers got him to his future.

He did not let anything stand in his way, not even the conditions he was living in or his tight budget. He continued and never gave up his dream.

Tomie DePaola was a fun loving Irish Italian man. He started his career very young. Ever since he was young he loved reading, writing, dancing, and drawing; those little things turned him into something real big"¦ a star! Tomie grew up with his two sisters, his brother and his parents. Tomie and his brothers were never close because of the violent hatred they had for each other. His young sister, Judie, grew up at the time when Tomie was leaving home so they didn't have a close relationship. It was with his sister, Maureen; he had a tight relationship with. They shared puppet making, stories, and most important he was always there for every one of her ballet performances when she was a teenager. Tomie does not have any children of his own but has 9 nieces and nephews who produced children.

Tomie is a very intelligent man and wasn't going to let anything stand in his way of becoming an author. Mr. DePaola writes many books and sold many copies. I have read some of his books after writing his report. Tomie lives in an interesting house in New Hampshire with his four dogs. His studio is in a large renovated 200-year-old barn. Tomie De Paola has published almost 200 children's books in fifteen different countries. He remains one of the most popular creators of books for children, receiving more than 100,000 fan letters each year.