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"Tomorrow's Another Day" The song, "Tomorrow's Another Day" by MxPx is very powerful in it's meaning. The powerful meaning that this song gives is influenced by three components: (1) the background of the band, (2) the music, and (3) most importantly, the lyrics.

Who is MxPx? MxPx was formed when bassist/vocalist Mike Herrera, drummer Yuri Ruley, and guitarist Andy Husted began playing in 1992 in Bremerton, Washington under the name Magnified Plaid. The guys did not really like the name all that much so they shortened it to MP, using little x's as period's in-between. This representation was adopted as a new name, MxPx. MxPx started out playing Christian punk shows at local churches, coffee houses, schools, and parks. Christian punk can be defined as a punk group that does not use profanity in their lyrics and who stay close to their Christian roots and beliefs.

Once the band drew attention, Tooth & Nail records signed them on their label to release the bands first album, Pokinatcha, in 1994.

Soon after the release of Pokinatcha, Andy left the band because rumor had it he did not want to tour. A new replacement was found, Tom Wisniewski. With Tom as the new guitarist, these guys had no sign of letting down. Four new albums were created to finish up their work under Tooth & Nail records. In 1998, MxPx signed under A & M records. Their first album released under the new label was Slowly Going The Way of The Buffalo, which features "Tomorrow's Another Day." This album made MxPx reach the amount of success they deserve to the extent of touring on the Warped Tour. One of the few Christian punk rock groups to go so far and expand on their music, while gaining respect of the music world, is MxPx.

The music to the song consists of several changing points. These changing points affect the tone the speaker uses and stresses some parts of the song. Throughout the music, only three instruments are used; bass, guitar, and drums. In the begging, it starts off with a slow beat and serious tone. Then, there is a break before the transition to a faster pace. The speaker follows the beat with a strong expression to stress the lyrics. Another break is inserted just before the solo. The solo gives the audience time to let things set in before moving on. Then, the music gets fast again with a sharper tone. Tone changes once again, in the outro, along with a shrilling beat to really emphasize what is being said. During the second time around in the outro, the beat reverses to real slow; the slowest part of the song. The light drumming helps set the mood of the important lyrics at this time. Finally, the song goes into a vigorous ending, which is the loudest portion of the song. All of these transitions throughout the song really make a difference of what should be stressed the most.

Lyrics are what really complete a song. "Tomorrow's Another Day" is about suicide, "people die and we don't know why" (7). The audience is to anyone who has intentions of committing suicide and can be up building for others. Most people would agree that, "time flies by when everything is ok" (3). As day-by-day passes by, it seems as "life isn't that way [time]" (4). Many things happen in life that can be a burden or be at ease. "Tomorrow's Another Day" focuses on the burdens. Thus, it tries to get success out of these many burdens that life throws out.

From time to time, we face "big decisions" (5) that can be overwhelming. Important and big decisions can make a difference in life. These seem to affect people more in a negative way because of the lack of understanding and confusion. "Understanding" (8) is the key to these overwhelming decisions. Before making the choice, the "understanding", knowing both sides of the story, is very crucial. Try not to avoid being social and telling others what is going on. We all need "human contact" (9) instead of secluding yourself. The act of secluding makes matters worse, "did you ever stop to wonder why" (11)? When you [audience] reach the point that you feel "no one understands you/ when you don't quite understand yourself," (13-14) do not jump to conclusions. At this point, suicide comes to mind. Most would feel that people just don't care about you anymore or anything you do. If that is the case, "know that God is faithful" (15). God is on your [audience] side, despite the feelings you are having. Faith is a strong word and very significant to many. Whenever problems arise, this faith allows you to rely on Him. Throughout the entire song, faith is the center point. The point to which is strongly effective to those who need it.

The heart is a person's way of life. It clearly shows how things are viewed and the reactions that take place.

There's nothing quite like being sure of What's inside your heart It's mostly simple but not so easy To know just where to start (17-20) To know what is inside your heart, can be complicated. The heart is treacherous, which makes it very difficult to know exactly what you want. This can apply to the understanding of both sides of the problem. Meaning that, when making a choice it is either one way or another. To pick that way relies on the heart, which is "not so easy to know just where to start" (20).

"Tomorrow's Another Day" strongly clarifies that suicide is not the most effective was to solving problems. Everyday isn't going to end up the same way. Remember, "Tomorrow is another day/ a chance to make things right/... to make sense" (22-24). By knowing there are days ahead, there is a greater opportunity than suicide. That opportunity is a "chance to fully live your life" (25)! This song states the true meaning to "fully live your life" by the three influences; (1) the band, (2) music, and (3) lyrics. The story of MxPx shows the hard work and devotion to their songs, to help not choose suicide or "let your life fly by" (1)!