Tomorrow when the war began

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Tomorrow When The War Began John Marsden With reference to John Marden's Tomorrow When The War Began, discuss the ways in which particular issues, themes, or attitudes are conveyed via the medium of the literary text.

John Marsden's Tomorrow when the war began is a gripping work of fiction. The book deals with various themes, issues and attitudes that are present in our society throughout the medium of the novel, we learn that war is not only stupid but it is devastating for those who are involved.

The issues in John Marsden's masterpiece were very dramatic. Marsden's masterpiece is about a small country town in the Eastern States of Australia, which gets invaded by a foreign force and starts ruling parts of Australia. This foreign force wants to take over Australia because of the wide open space which Australia has an their Country doesn't. They want to bring people from their country and give them a home each and manage a farm and have the Australians as slaves to them.

Through Ellie's eyes you find out information you never thought possible. The information you find out from Ellie is about what the group is going to do to try and stop this force and other various things like bringing live stock into their camp site which is named "hell". Issues from whom to take camping, to find out how to blow the towns main bridge apart. Issues were the main part for the book if it weren't for the issues this look wouldn't be as compelling The book is written in an indirect way where you see it through a persons eyes by the name of Ellie. Ellie got chosen because she was known as the best writer even though this brought some controversy between Ellie and...