TOMS - Critical Success Factors and Marketing Mix

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TOMS - A Business Report

An analysis and evaluation of the critical success factors and marketing mix of TOMS Footwear Company


Page 3 - Introduction: Including Executive Summary, Research methods and Recommendations

Page 4 - About TOMS & the TOMS business model

Page 5 - The Critical Success Factors for TOMS

Page 6 & 7 - The Marketing Mix, its links with the Critical Success Factors and recommendations

Page 8 - References

TOMS (2013)


Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to provide an insight into the footwear company TOMS' critical success factors (CSF's) and make recommendations for the company based on them. CSF's have become essential elements to strategic planning and no business can achieve consistent success without effectively adopting them, it is a term that describes a component that is essential for a company to succeed in its tasks. (Howell, M. 2009) The report will identify, analyse and evaluate TOMS' critical success factors (CSF's) on the basis of the market and marketing mix that surrounds the company.

The marketing mix is defined as a set of controllable, tactical marketing tools that can be blended to produce the desired results within the target market. (Kotler, P. Et al, 2010). The report will then provide potential links between the factors of the marketing mix and the CSF's of TOMS, suggesting potential changes to the marketing mix and what the effects of the changes may be.

Research Methods The research methods undertaken in the report are secondary. The CSF's of TOMS I have presented come as a result of previous research carried out within a group project based on the company, in which we analysed the microeconomic and macroeconomic factors of TOMS, allowing us to present a list of critical success factors. Basic findings and Recommendations