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When people have a lot of fat they sometimes try to trim it down. Some people do a lot of sit-ups a day and their stomach gets bigger. They may ask why? That is because the fat doesn't disappear just from doing sit-ups; instead the muscle pushes the fat further out and makes people look even fatter.

Men on an average usually have 12-17% body fat as and women have 18-22% body fat. The only way to reduce this fat is to burn it off. When doing a work out we must burn 3,500 calories in order to lose a measly 1-pound. In order to reach the 3,500 mark we must do an intense work out even to get that much burned in one day. A typical 1-hour work out usually only burns 400 to 900 calories.

When building muscle it will make you bigger. After weight lifting 1 day we should rest at least 1 day after that in order to give muscles time to regain all the strength back.

If people weight lift it will give them stronger bones also. Here are some examples to help succeed in this, drink plenty of water to lower hunger, lower the fat intake, exercise at least 3 days a week unless trying to achieve something big, lift weights once to twice a week if you really want to be buff, and get lots and lots and lots of rest.

My evaluation. I would give this article a ten, just because it tells us how to get a better-fit body, and how much we need to do. It tells us how we need to work out at least once a week, which is good, but overdoing it will make you weaker in person.