Too Much Homework

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Students from all over the country are being given to much homework. They have to spend almost half of there day from when they get home from school to when they go to bed at night, doing extra work.

Many of these schools offer a wide variety of sports and activities that students would love to try. However, many of them either get kicked off the team or they quite because of low grades. In addition, these low grades come from students not doing there homework. Now how are students suppose to play in sports and join activities when they have so much homework that prevents them from playing in the first place? If schools encourage students to play sports and become active in activities, then they should lower the amount of homework they have so it gives them a chance to receive good grades and at the same time play their favorite sports.

Its also very difficult to do all this work for many of the older teenagers in high school. Not only do they have activities and sports to do after school, but they also have jobs. How are they expected to hold a job to save money for college and then come home to spend three hours on homework. Then the next day, their not working to there full potential because of the lack of sleep they got the night before.

As you can see the large amount of homework affects students in more then one way and it should be lowered so they can actually think of school as a fun place.