Too much sun can be hazarous to our health

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Why do w love the summer? It's the sunshine. Working, playing, relaxing outside on a glorious sunny day makes most people happy. We love the warm feeling of the sunshine on our skin. Also tannin skins are greatly popular among the young adults throughout the world, not realizing how bad the outcome might be. Too much sun can be harmful, putting our health at risk.

Fist, over the years, it has been evidentially proved among many people that too many UV rays can cause skin cancer, weakening the immune system that reduces the body's ability to fight diseases. Moreover, repeated sunburns are another factor that leads to skin cancer followed by mild skin rashes. At the early stage of skin cancer, too much sunburn that leads to skin redness and pain especially to the sensitive skins, are the effects of this physiological response. In addition, sicknesses like fever and headache are presented.

Second, sunburns and cancer are not the only consequences of too much sun. Heat exhaustion is another subsequent risk that can be occurred. From heat exhaustion, fainting or vomiting can be the symptoms followed by heavy sweating, weakness, cold, pale, clammy skin, and weak pulse. Heat exhaustion usually applies to young children and elders because of their body weaknesses that can hardly fight the heat. As a result of heat exhaustion, in extreme cases, some may die in such a response.

Finally, spending too much time in the sun can cause premature aging of the skin. There's not a magic age like 40's where everyone suddenly gets wrinkles. Some people in their 20's have little wrinkles around their eyes from squinting or spending too much time in the sun. Tanning the skin and exposing the skin out in the sun for a quite longtime, as...