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A tool is something that is used in order to gain a mechanical advantage and increase power transfer. Some simple examples are hammers, screwdrivers, and knives. An ergonomic tool will give a biomechanical advantage. Such a tool should reduce the amount of force required and improve the quality of work that is done. Man has been using tools right from the time he was a hunter and a gatherer of food to gain a mechanical advantage. Since then he has also been able to make tremendous improvements and design better tools that fulfill his needs better and make him more efficient.

There are many factors, or features, of a tool that are important in a good design. Some of these are performance, safety and usability (there are many other factors like handle size, material of the grip etc. but I have discussed them in my last paper).

Good tools are tools that perform well, are safe for the user and are easy to use. I am a member of the Future Truck team and very often I use tools like the screwdriver and the hammer. I would define both of these tools as very good tools. Let me take the screwdriver as an example and prove why exactly I think that it a very good tool. It performs very well, it will always give you the desired result and with very little effort. A screwdriver is also a very safe tool to use. It has no sharp edges and is very light so while using it you really don't have to worry about cutting yourself or hurting yourself when it falls on your leg. A screwdriver is also very easy to use. One can use it efficiently and safely with very little practice. On my first day...