Top 10 Most Important Facts About Pearl Harbor

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10.) The final statistics about the events. All in all America had 2403 deaths and 1,178 people were injured.

Eighteen ships were sunk or seriously damaged including 5 battleships, 188 planes were destroyed, and 162 planes were damaged. Japan had lost 64 people,29 planes, and 5 midget subs.

9.) The encountered messages that were ignored. The U.S. government had intercepted 10 messages that belonged to the Japanese and had partly interpreted them but they knew enough that an attack was coming pretty soon.

8.) We gave up on negotiating with the Japanese. There were peace talks occurring up until about November 27, 1941, only a week and a half before the attack. After that instead of continuing to negotiate we just put our troops on high alert.

7.) Our government provoked the Japanese to do this to us. The United States began to supply materials to the countries at war with Germany and Japan, but it wanted to remain neutral to prevent and overseas war.

Also, we froze their assets in America, closed numerous ports to them, and sending them a hostile note. We're one of the people to blame about Pearl Harbor.

6.) The U.S.S. Arizona deals with the worst of the blows. A 1,760-pound bomb struck it, and the ammunition on board exploded killing 1,177 servicemen. Today, there is a memorial spanning the sunken remains of the Arizona dedicated to the memory of all those lost in the bombing.

5.) The aftermath of the bombings. Of the approximate 100 U.S. Navy ships present in the harbor that day, eight battleships were damaged with five sunk. Eleven smaller ships including cruisers and destroyers were also badly damaged. Among those killed were 2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians.

4.) The preparation of the crewmen stationed at Pearl Harbor. Since...