Top 10 ways to Kiss

Essay by m lipscomb August 2004

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>1. Tease Kiss: Go to kiss your partner and kiss them lightly on their lips. Then kiss them more passionately and make them think you are going to slip your tongue in. Just when they take the bite, pull away slightly and look them in the eye with a sexy look. Repeat the process until they can't take it and give them the kiss they have wanted the whole time, but slowly.


>2. On-Screen Kiss: When you are watching a movie, kiss the same way the actors have kissed. It makes the whole scene come to life!!


>3. The Lead Up Kiss: Sit behind your lover kissing on their ear. After giving them a hint that you want a kiss, whisper into their ear. Ask them if they can taste your lips. Then slowly and sensually suck on their bottom or top lip.

Then go for the passionate kiss.


>4. The Pop Rock Kiss: It is fun to slip in a bit of Pop Rocks into your mouth right before the kiss. When you French kiss there is definite chemistry...literally!


>5. Silly Kiss: The receiver puffs out one cheek and when the kisser gives a big kiss on the puffed out cheek, the receiver blows the air out, making a silly noise. Repeat for both cheeks. It is most effective when used together with butterfly and Eskimo kisses, also an appropriate kiss to give your love while in front of your parents!


>6. Kiss By Kiss: One of the best kisses is the one that proceeds at half the pace you want it to. Instead of kissing on the lips you kiss on the cheek. As you approach your lover's lips, kiss by kiss (and it should...