Top Ten Things I Hate About New Zealand.

Essay by hoba November 2003

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I live in New Zealand, a country in the Antipodes, and here is my Top Ten list of things I hate about New Zealand, starting at number Ten and counting down.

10. The Weather - It constantly changes. If it rains it is extremely grey and gloomy. If it is sunny it burns.

9. The Hole In The Ozone Layer - Thanks to industrial countries like Germany and the United States, we have a great big hole hanging over our heads which exposes us to the harmful rays of the sun. I go outside for two minutes and I am severly sunburnt.

8. The Government - their policy is to keep kicking you until you are down.

7. New Zealand Law - You get fined for everything here!!!

6. The AllBlacks (NZ's Rugby Team) - they symbolise everything I hate, beer belching idiots, idolising maniacal baboons undertaking homo-erotic acts.

5. The People - The people here are soooooooooooo dumb. A chimpanzee has more intelligence. They are all drunk and stoned, and therefore have no brains or ambition in life.

4. The Traffic - I live in Auckland, we only have a population of around 1 million, but the traffic here is horrendous. The Public Transport system sucks, you have to catch two different buses to get 5 minutes down the road, and don't even talk about the trains .... India's are more glamourous.

3. The Drivers - they all need thick glasses - they are blind,there are so many accidents here, and the bus drivers try and squash you with the bus. I've lost count with how many times I've almost been crushed by a bus.

2. The Lack of Opportunity - the population is too small, so no matter what you do, it is unsustainable.

My number one on the list of things I hate about New Zealand is .............

THE FACT IT HAS NO MONEY SO I CAN'T GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!