Topic: 'Development of Thought' of the poem "Fern Hill" by Dylan Thomas

Essay by ZAKI January 2004

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It is a beautiful poem which flash-backs the golden moments of poet's childhood. The poet, being obsessed with nostalgia, depicts vividly a childish image in his mind. He was very much happy and contented in his little empire consisted of a rhythmic and jubilant family and the apple-wood during his time of innocence. He was so enchanted with his childhood as the grass, which is almost in raptures because of its greenish color that expresses freshness and youth of life. In a solemn night when he was gazing at the cloudless sky above the wooded valley, his ecstatic moments of golden childhood appeared in his mind like the stars in the sky. With the personification of time, he remembers his days when he was like a prince to all the villagers of Fern Hill. Even a simple desire of him wouldn't remain unfulfilled. Nature would also adorn him with her daisies and barley as well as enkindle his mind with unexpected glows and gleams.

Again, his greenish and childish free-movement, shouting and singing around the barn houses made him familiar with the people who worked there. During the time of his innocence, the sun was also as young as scorch less and the poet imagines that they together were used to play with its golden ray. The poet may also refer that time was quite favorable to him in his boyhood and with the passage of time, the golden moments and periods he enjoyed, won't come back again. His memory also recollects some of his tender and excessive joyful moments when he was like a hunter pursuing the foxes whose sounds he could hear distinctly from the hills or like a herdsman who played flutes sitting beneath trees while looking after his cattle and it seemed to the happy...