Topic: The Exploration of Drugs and the Cause Abuse of Drugs in Different Countries

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This essay will talk about the use and the abuse of drugs in different counties. In addition this essay, will compare the use of drugs between different ages. Furthermore, or going into more depth this essay will talk about 7 different types of drugs and explain their details. Also this essay will give an idea of that drugs are why people star using them.

Drugs and Their Details

This essay will talk about 7 types of drugs, which are: Ecstasy, Heroin, Cocaine or Crack, Steroids, Marijuana, GHB, and Ketamine. Before starting to look at the different types of drugs it is important to understand what drugs are. A interview has been done, 17 people were asked this question; what are drugs?

¨"Substances which make you feel weird"

¨"Something illegal"

¨"Chemical substance which makes you feel differently"

¨"Something negative"

¨"Something what is dangerous"

¨"Something cool"

¨"Makes, or gives a new feeling or emotion"

¨"Makes you feel good about yourself"

¨"Helps to forget problems"

¨"Makes you high"

¨"A medicine"

¨"Ruin lives"

¨"Changes people"

¨"Something very dangerous, and caused side effects"

¨"Something unrealistic"

¨"A medicine which is used illegally"

¨"A substance which changes you physically or physiologically"

A wide range of answers has been given, but the main problem is which one is the right answer.

Most of these answers are just assumptions, opinions or this which people believe also based on experiences such as movies, friends and etc. For example, the answer "Something cool" is just an thought or an idea which is based on unrealistic examples, such as movies. A good way of really understanding what drugs are is to first to understand what drugs do to people. It is known that drugs change people, either in a physical way or a physiological way. These changes could not be...