the topics of sexuality and society today in "Miss Massey"

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The text as I see it has two themes: Homosexuality and society today (in the nineties). The relationship between Jaz and Tony as depicted in the story clearly shows that a homosexual relationship in many ways resembles a heterosexual relationship. Jaz and Tony have their occasional disputes as would any other couple - everything is normal. Yet they face some problems other couples would not. For example, it seems that Jaz has no contact (at least not very much) with his family anymore. This sudden loss of contact with his family must come as a great surprise to him as he reacts very strongly to it. We are never told why Jaz' family did not contact him that Christmas, but my guess would be that they did it on purpose, maybe by order of the father who was very much against Jaz moving in with Tony. As we know that Jaz and Tony have lived together for almost three years, this must be the first year Jaz does not hear from his family.

If it was not, I do not think he would be as upset as he is.

The way Tony responds to Jaz shows that Tony does not find it easy to express his feelings toward Jaz. He thinks that trying to comfort him would cause a worse temper whereas I believe that Jaz would like some words of consolation. Of course Tony knows Jaz better than I do, but most people like some comforting when they are upset about something.

(In the following paragraphs I presume that the city referred to in the text is London. This may not be correct, but I know of no other English city with an Underground).

Miss Massey and her situation is not unusual in London. There are...